Andreja Damjanov

Andreja Damjanov is one of the greatest constructors of sacral buildings in the Balkans. The master Andreja, together with his brothers, has been building churches in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries in the Balkan Peninsula. His churches are considered to be pearls of the sacral architecture. The temple St. Martyr Panteleјmon in Veles, which was built in 1840, is taken as his most beautiful and inimitable building. Damjanov is the constructor of the church in the monastery St. Joakim Osogovski near Kriva Palanka, as well as the churches dedicated to The Holy Mother in Novo Selo, near Štip, and St Arhangel Mihael in Čicčvo. Andreja Damjanov is unrivalled constructor. That’s why the architects’ Asso¬ciation of Macedonia is called after him.