Vasil Glavinov

The first Macedonian socialist was born in Veles. He was a pupil of the Jоrdan Hadži Konstantinov-Džinot’s School, and he devel-oped his ideology in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he went on with his education. Glavinov used his stay in Bulgaria to develop the progressive socialist ideas and education of the Macedonian emigration. He founded the Macedonian Socialist Organization, whose members, among the other Macedonians, were: Nikola Karev, Petar Rusinski and Vele Markov. After the oppression by the Bulgarian socialists, he returned to Veles, where he established the first workers’ educational association „Čitalište“. His association published the first organ „Revolucija“, and in 1898 the paper „Političeska Svoboda“ (Political Freedom).