Andreja Dimov Dokurčev

He was born in Veles in 1878 and he was being educated in Thessaloniki. As a member of SMORO he was rebel in the troops of A.J.]oseto and of M. Popeto. In 1901/1902 he became a voivode in Odrin, and a regional leader of Gorna Džumaja and a member of the Strumica Revolutionary Committee. He participated in the execution of the hideous Bey from the village Murulovo, Kukuš, and in the kidnapping of Miss Stone. During the St. Elias Day’s Uprising he was leader of the First Unit in the Kruševo Revolutionary Region and participated in the siege of the building of the Turkish government and the post-telegraph station in the Municipality of Kruševo. He got killed in a fight against the Ottoman’s army near the village Belica, Kičevo, in 1907.