Kočo Racin

The Great poet, he is a creator of national modern Macedonian poetry before the Second World War, one of the greates poets in the history of the Macedonian literature. Kosta Solev Racin was born in Veles in 1908 in a poor family. During his childhood, his mother Maria transferred him a love towards the Macedonian folk creation. His father Apostol was a poor potter that taught Racin the art of sculpture that later would influence his poetry. Racin participated in the progressive movement of the youth. In that period he created his never published book "Antologija na bolkata" (Anthology of the Pain). In 1931 he published his famous Essay on Hegel in the magazine ‘Literatura’ in Croatia and immediately attracted the attention of the scientific circles. After the publication of the essay he was named the miracle of Veles. He was only 23 years old at that time. His book "Beli mugri" (White Dawns), immediately attracted the interest of the public and was considered a culmination of the poet’s cry for justice, emerged from the pain and sufferings of the Macedonian people. In May 1943 Racin joined the liberation movement. Kosta Solev Racin was killed on June 13, 1943. Important institutions and international manifestations carry his name today. The collection of poems White Dawns is foreseen also in the Golden Library of chosen European books under the auspices of UNESCO. Today, in the centre of his natal city of Veles, as well as in the yard of the high school, are located the monuments of Racin as a remembrance that here grew and worked the great Macedonian poet called the nightingale that sings with the eyes closed. In the honour of Racin, each year in Veles is organized the international manifestation of poetry Racinovi sredbi (The Racin Meetings).