Dimitar Andonov-Papradiški

Dimitar Andonov - Papradiški was born in 1859 in the village Papradište, near Veles. He originates from a family with a long tradition in painting, construction and wood carving. At the age of 20, he was independent in his work as a member his father’s painting society, where he gained his first artistic experience. In 1882/83, he was studying at the Artistic and Iconographic College in Kiev and finished it successfully. In 1887 he enrolled the prestigious Moscow Academy. Afterwards, he returned to Macedonia in order to help his numerous family members and to participate in the painting activities of his father in the churches taking place in the regions of Gevgelija and Dojran. Papradiški is the last icon-painter and the first Macedonian contemporary painter. In his life, which lasted almost a century, he created history from which the contemporary painters learn.