Panko Brašnar

Panko Brašnar is one of the most famous Macedonian revolutionists, teacher, ideologist and the first chairman of the ASNOM’s Presidium. He was born in Veles in 1883. He underwent the most difficult moments of the Macedonian history, starting from the St. Elias Day’s Uprising to the Balkan Wars and the two world wars. He was chosen as a people’s representative and chairman of the First Session of ASNOM and a member of AVNOJ. After a few years of work in the newly established state he was arrested under the suspicion of supporting the Resolution of the Informbureau. He was declared to be state’s enemy and was sent to the infamous prison of Goli Otok where he died on June 13, 1951. Today, in his natal city, Veles, a monument was built dedicated to his life and work.