Kole Nedelkovski

One of the most outstanding literary creators between the two world wars was born in 1912 in the village Vojnica, near Veles. He started writing poetry as a student of the Secondary School in Veles. Nedelkovski developed his love to the literature thanks to his uncle Ilija Vojnicalija, a poet with a rich home library. As a representative against the unjustly treated working class, Nedelkovski devoted his life and work to the progressive movement of the trade-unions. He published his first song ‘Stojan Voivode’ (Stojan na Ordanovci) in Bulgaria. He is author of the poem Lightnings, which is considered to be a continuum of the trend of writing in Macedonian literary language, inspired from patriotic feelings. He wrote the book Out in the World on Foot as well. Kole Nedelkovski was killed by the police in Sofia in 1941.