Gjorgji Šoptrajanov

Gjorgji Šoptrajanov, Ph.D, is from Veles, who left his natal place Kojnik as a child, and moved to Paris due to his hunger for knowledge. For his efforts in the domain of the Romance Languages and the numerous lexicographical books, he was decorated with the ‘Order of Honour’ by the French state. As a boy, during his stay in Belgrade, he got together with Kočo Racin and the other progressive ideologists of the student youth. He is one of the founders of the Ss Kiril & Metodij University in Skopje. Well-known by his deeds in various scientific fields, he came back to Veles, in order to get strengthened for greater achievements. In 2000, the Municipality of Veles proclaimed him as its honourable citizen. The award „The Best Student“, which the Municipality of Veles grants each year, is called after him.