Petre Prličko

Petre Prličko is the greatest among the actors in the history of the Macedonian theatre and film arts. He was born in Veles as Perica Aleksich in 1907. He was attracted by the magic of the theatre when the travelling theatre of Mihajlo Lazi} arrived in Veles in 1923. He started his 7-decade theatre story with the travelling theatres. Afterwards, in 1930, he founded his own theatre „Plava Ptica“, as he lately called it „Boem“. Since then, and till the end of his life, he has played in 500 plays. Petre Prličko conquered the world of the film starting from the first Macedonian film „Frosina“, to the unforgettable role in the film „Miss Stone“. He played about 50 film and 200 TV roles. He died in 1995, at the age of 88. His natal city Veles, founded actor’s award for life achievements „Petre Prličko“.