International cultural manifestation Racin's meetings

Since 1964, Veles has been the host to poets from all over the Balkans celebrating the essence of poetry in the hometown of the founder of the Macedonian contemporary poetry and literature, Kočo Racin. Along with the poetic output presentations, Racinovi Sredbi also includes science symposiums on Racin’s life and work. This event traditionally presents the Racin Award to the best achievement in literature between two consecutive events, and the Honorary Racin Award for scientific studies, translations and other works dedicated to Kočo Racin’s work. With each following year this event is enriched with different contents, such as music performances, exhibitions and book fairs. They bring together musicians and musical ensembles from Macedonia and the neighbouring countries. The prize-winning authors are presented with the Kočo Racin Statuette made by the sculptor Tome Serafimovski.



Like necklaces about the throat strings of sold stones
so have the days lain down on our shoulders and weigh heavy.

Days are they - days the hardships of hired labourers!
Rise in the morning early return in the evening late,
in the morning take with you joy in the evening bring bask grief –
a plague in it, may it be damned, this life of a dog!

Be born a man - become a bondsaman be born a man - and die a beast,
beastlike, toil your whole life long for others, on others' holdings.

For the white palacet of others dig your own blask graves!
For yourselves nought but hard labour for yourselves nought but trouble -
string a necklace of days string forged iron rings,
string the chain of iron bound around your throat!