With their beauty and creativity displayed, the skillfulness of mixing colours and techniques, even today, the Macedonian embroideries are considered as one of the most significant ethnological values. The techniques and embroideries developed and cherished throughout Macedonia, also had their followers in the region of Veles. Particularly striking is the Mijaks embroidery, encompassing many traditional elements of the old culture that the Mijaks - from the Mala Reka Region - passed down while populating the villages of Oreše and Papradište, located in the Azot Region in the vicinity of Veles. A specific for the Mijaks embroidery is its colouring with predominantly red color. Black is predominant in the embroideries originating from the Skopska Crna Gora and Dolni Polog. The Macedonian embroidery colourings also include some other colours  - green, yellow and dark blue. Specific for the Macedonian embroideries is the densely embroidered surfaces and the unique ornaments and motifs. The Macedonia embroideries were traditionally made from wool and other naturally coloured strings. In certain regions, as in the Polog and Poreče, the embroideries were also made with gold and silver threads.