Nightlife, Entertainment and Shopping in Veles

In the centre of Veles, along the Blagoj Gjorev street, you will find café-bars for day and night entertainment where you can spend many enjoyable moments with your friends. You can find a place to have fun and mingle in accordance with your preferred music and mood. Starting form many cafés, bars and restaurants to the most attractive clubs and discotheques - partying in Veles goes on and on during the entire week. Nightlife is the most dynamic in the summer period when bars, clubs and discotheques offer unforgettable fun. In the night hours you can enjoy in the abundant range of enjoyable places where all types of music are heard. The most famous home and foreign dee-jays often perform in discotheques such as ‘Impact’ and the swimming pool ‘Snoopy’ in Veles. In many places in the town you can enjoy the performances of the most famous local musicians. Most of the boutiques and shops in Veles open at 8.00 a.m., and close at 8.00 p.m., from Monday to Friday. Also, some of the shops and boutiques work on Saturdays and they usually close at 4.00 p.m. The manner of payment is up to you: in cash or with credit cards almost everywhere. Some of the most significant supermarkets in Veles are: the ‘Tuš’ supermarket, Žito markets, Kam market, Ani 96, etc. The ‘Tuš’ supermarket, located in ‘Andon Šurkov’ street consists of catering and entertaining facilities such as restaurant, café-bar, pharmacy, apart from the sales outlet. A gas station where you can buy fuel and other things necessary when travelling can be found within the vicinity of this supermarket.