Sport and recreational activities


The pillar of the sports life in Veles is the Sports Hall. The hall covers an area of 5,000 q.m2 and has a capacity of 3,500 seats. This attractive sport facility also includes offices and business premises. Regular sports activities are held in the sports centre Partisan, mainly reserved for gymnastic sports. Football matches are organized at the City Stadium. Fans of indoor sports can use the capacities of sports halls in ‘Blaže Koneski’ and ‘Blagoj Kirkov’ schools. For those who prefer swim¬ming, there is the City Swimming Pool, adjusted to work only in summer when swim¬ming school functions, as well. Recreational fishing is also well estab¬lished in Veles, especially covered by the activities of the Recreational Fishing As¬sociation ‘Babuna’. Canoeing and kayaking are among the most successful sports, and several kayaking clubs have given national representatives. They participate in European and world championships. River Vardar is a captivating natural training path. In future, well-known competitions may be held in the city itself. There are many open sports courts and recreational parks which contribute to the growth of sports and recreational activities of people.