Second Day

Start from the Clock-tower (1) where you can see the pedestrian bridge from a different perspective. Then continue to the Kočo Racin’s House (2) and down to the city centre and the roundabout where the ‘Ilindenci' monument (3) is situated. Walking up towards north, you enter into the central dense core where today's dynamic life of the town goes on. Visit the City Museum (4)and Art Hall (5)which is about hundred meters in the opposite direction from the Museum, toward the Youth Park. The Youth Park (6) is modern and trimmed; there is also the new magnificent church of „St.Kiril and Metodij“ (7), as well as contemporary fountains and the new theatre. On the opposite side of the park café bars and restaurants (8) can be found, where the entertainment and nightlife of Veles people take place, and we recommend to take a break and refresh yourselves. Also, there is a City Park (9) in Veles, located near the river Vardar and it is a nice corner for leisure and recreation, far from the city jam. City Swimming Pool (10) is in the park, and in the summer that is the right place for rest and relaxation. For lunch try something at the ‘Snoopy’ restaurant, next to the Officers’ House, and if you have enough time, sit at the outdoor terrace. The western part of Veles is new and urbanized. The Town Hall, public institutions and residential blocks are situated there. The old industrial area is situated in the north-western part of Veles.