Third Day

For today, we recommend a walk in the south part of the town. On the left side of the River Vardar, in the old part of town, through the narrow streets, you can see the St.Holy Mother church (1) and up the hill, the St. Spas church (2). Down towards the river is the mosque. On the other side of the river, you can find the memorial houses of Kasapovs (3), Jordan Hadži Konstantinov-Džinot (4) and Vasil Glavinov (5). Near the memorial houses, and worth seeing, is the St.Pantelejmon church (6). On the right side of the river, on the highway to Gradsko, you can finish the walk with the visit of churches St. Ana (7), St. Dimitrija (8), St.Petka (9), St. Nikola 10, St.Nedela 11 , and on a small hill towards the St.Nedela church, the Veles Kale 12 is located. From there you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of Veles.