Food & Recepies

In Veles you can try “kaplama”-dish made of liver and rice, stuffed vine leaves and moussaka with eggplants and “elbasan” dish made of lamb meat, broth known as “chketo”, but the most famous Veles specialty is the pie called “pastrmajlia”.


Pastrmajlija or “pita” (pie), as known in Veles, is a dish made of soft baked dough with small pork meat pieces, spiced with dried mutton meat kept in salt, and eggs. The dried meat used to be prepared around Mitrovden (St.Dimittri’s Day) when sheep and goats were slayed. Due to the lack of modern appliances for keeping the food gresh, the meat was put in a kache (a small barrel) with brine, where it was kept for months. Before preparing the pitas, meat was washed with water (to desalinate it) and it was dried on beams over the fire place. The secret of the dough, as gastronomes say, is in the manner of baking: it is baked in a traditional oven at a very high temperature and for a short time. It is one of the rich winter months. Today, as a tourist attraction, you can find it in the restaurants at any time. In the honour of the pastramajlija, the local self-governance of Veles organizes the traditional manifestation “Veles ppitad” each year where you can sample and enjoy many pies, wine and various pastry.



The old speciality from Veles- Gjozleme is unique and it is prepared in winter because it is full of calories. It is made of phyllo pastry with pork meat. Red wine or yogurt is usually drunk with this meal.