Municipality of Veles

Centre of the Municipality of Veles is the City of Veles, which is situated in the central part of North Macedonia, i.e. on the coasts of the Vardar River at an altitude of 206 m. Municipality of Veles has a total population of 55.108 people. It represents a significant traffic knot where cross the most important roads and railways of the international traffic corridor, which connects Europe with the Middle East and Northern Africa.


Symbols of Veles

The Coat of arms of Veles

The main symbol in the Coat-of- Arms of Veles is the Clock-tower which originates from XIV century and it is one of the oldest buildings. The old city architecture is displayed on the left and the right of it in a form of objects spread out on the both coasts of the River Vardar like an amphitheatre. The river is displayed at the foot of the Clock-tower, and a cogwheel is showed immediately under it, representing the industrial development of the city. On the upper part of the coat-of-arms the name of the city – Veles is written.


Mascot of the Municipality of Veles

Mascot of the Municipality of Veles is the otter which is proved to live in the rivers Babuna and Topolka, and in the past, it dwelled the waters of the Vardar River. The otter lives only in clear and unpolluted waters. With setting the otter as a mascot of Veles, the efforts for ecologically clear environment of the Municipality of Veles are being emphasised, where all the animal species would be back, which were actually its characteristic in the past.


The Flag of Municipality Veles

The flag of the Municipality of Veles is two-coloured: red and blue horizontally. The red colour is a symbol of the revolutionary past of Veles, while the blue one represents freedom and the European orientation of the citizens of Veles. In the central part of the flag is placed the coatofarms of Veles.


Trademark of Municipality Veles

In the past, Veles had its biggest economic growth in the period when the opium poppy has been grown. Since the opium poppy marks a sizable historical period of the development of Veles, the Municipality of Veles set it as its trademark.