Economic growth and flowering of the population of Veles

According to Jordan Hadži Konstantinov - Džinot, Veles counted 7,000 inhabitants in the middle of the XIX century, and 17,000 inhabitants by the end of the century. The fast growth of the population appeared as a consequence of the increased village-town migrations. On the other hand, it speaks about the economic development of the town as well, which had obviously capacities to absorb this influx. In 1873 the railway Skopje – Thessaloniki was built, and Veles became a significant centre. The influx of people and commodities became more and more dynamic and differentiated. Due to the influence of the competitive Western - European commodities, a great deal of the craftsmanship in Veles has died out. By the time, near the railway station, the first industrial capacities became to appear. In the XIX century appeared the Macedonian citizenry in a form of so called lords. That is a period when the first municipal schools were established with a predominantly profane education. The most famous representative of the educational revival in that period, not only in Veles, but in Macedonia as well, is Jordan Hadži Konstantinov - Džinot from Veles. Besides that, the first library was established in Veles.