Veles before and after the Balkan Wars, WW I and WW II

After the division of Macedonia in the Balkan Wars (1912-1913), Veles was under the Serbian domination. In November 1912, a Macedonian gathering was organised by Dimitrija Čupovski and Petar Pop Arsov. In the intervening years, Veles and the entire Macedonia were in the maelstrom of the WWI. After the war, Veles remained under Serbian domination as a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. During WWII, after the penetration of the Germans, Veles and its surroundings were under Bulgarian occupation. The citizens of Veles actively participated in the antifascist war and in the building of the modern Macedonian state. Veles was liberated on 9 November 1944. In the new Macedonian state, which was in the frames of Socialist’s Yugoslavia, the city was renamed in Titov Veles in honour of the Yugoslav marshal. After the Proclamation of the Macedonian independence (1991), in 1996 the city was renamed as Veles again.