Boatmen's monument

On the left coast of the Vardar River, on a neat place on the river quay, stands the monument dedicated to the Gemidžii (Boatmen). The monument was set in honour of the great jubilee „100 years of the St. Elias Day’s Uprising – 100 years Macedonian statehood“. The imposing monument, 6.5m high, represents a knot of 12 rays which symbolize the twelve Gemidžii (Boatmen), who committed the assassinations in the eve of St Elias Day’s Uprising, in order to draw the attention of Europe towards the Macedonian issue. The monument is work of art of the academic sculptor Stanko Pavlevski. Near the monument a plaque with the names of the 12 Gemidžii (Boatmen) has been set, along with their historic message „We are spending ourselves for Macedonia“.