Koco Racin

In honour of the patron of a Secondary School in Veles, in 1968, for the first time in his city, a monument was dedicated to Kočo Racin. The monument is a work of art of the academic sculptor Dimko Todorovski, who through the big appearance tried to show the greatness of the Macedonian People. It was created in clay, and made of bronze. Traditionally, in front of the monument, each year starts the international meeting of the writers dedicated to the work of the inimitable poet and revolutionist. In the centre of Veles, opposite to the Clock-tower stands a monument of the founder of the Macedonian contemporary poetry, Kosta Solev Racin. The monument was set in 2002 and it is a work of art of Academician Tome Serafimovski. The monument is 2.8m tall and it weights 500kg. The sculputure of Racin is made of bronze; it is a donation of the Macedonian businessman Trifun Kostovski.