Complex Varnalii

The House of Paunovs


It was built in 1868 in the location called Varnaliite. The basis of the house is even, and it is developed on three different levels. The house is big, composed of a ground floor and two other floors. The balcony and the windows have a dominant position. The interior is especially impressive where the elements of the old traditional constructing are dominant. In order to picture out the impression of the traditional city architecture, the Municipality of Veles has reconstructed the façade of the house.

The House of Trencovs


It has been built at the same time as the house of Paunovs. Due to the specific terrain, the house stands to the street with a narrow façade, although it has a ground floor and two other floors. The ground floor and the first floor are made of stone. The architect’s solution of the second floor is especially impressive, in which dominates a room with seven windows with a view to the street. The façade of the house, whose interior is full of traditionally crafted domestic objects, is completely reconstructed.

The House of Prnarovs


It was built in 1868 on three levels with a specific form of the basis. The paved yard of the ground floor is an open space which is connected with the street. Central place of the architectural solution takes the balcony which connects all the rooms. On the second floor dominate the big windows and the sticking-out eaves which enters the roof, full of decorative elements of flora & fauna. The reconstructed façade of the house of Prnarovs has typical bays on the floors.